Ashamnu for the sins we have committed against interfaith families in the jewish community

I didn't plan to write this. Like many rabbinical students, my mind is in full-on "High Holiday Prep" mode right now. I'm crafting services for children and teens, brainstorming ideas for the "d'var Torah" (sermon or, literally, word of torah) that I'll be offering on the second day of Rosh Hashanah, and, oh, trying to handle work for all of my classes and my two jobs. There are only so many hours in the day, and I like to spend a chunk of those hours sleeping and eating and playing with my cat. 

However, earlier today, when I sat down to hammer out a translation for a class, I instead found this prayer whacking against my brain like a gently tossed pingpong ball. I've been me long enough to know that, when I get an idea, best to let it have its day. 

Please feel more than welcome to use this Ashamnu during your High Holiday celebrations. I ask that if you will be sharing this prayer with a community that you please also share my name and the name of the podcast. And if you want to let me know that you used this or are planning to use it, I would welcome that very much! Thank you! 

interfaith family ashamnu.jpg