December Episode Submissions!

I'm trying something a little different this month. Rather than interviewing 3-4 people for this episode, I'm turning to you, my wonderful listeners, to provide the content! Let's show the Jewish world how Jewish families enjoy December holidays!

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Here's how:

Record a 3-5 minute voice memo (or whatever your phone/tablet/computer's equivalent app is!) sharing a story about celebrating a holiday other than Hanukkah with dear ones who are not Jewish, OR about inviting dear ones of other faiths to participate in your Hanukkah celebration, or both! 

Email your recording to! I'll use these recordings for the bulk of the content of the December episode! Get these to me no later than December 15 but the sooner the better!

Tell your friends who have great holiday stories to share, and get them to me as soon as you can so I've got lots of time to craft an episode full of holiday cheer for us all.

Want to do something else to support the show? 

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