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We tell stories about Jews and their loved ones. Today's Jewish-American world looks different than it did 50 years ago. Most Jewish Americans have immediate or extended family members who are not Jewish. Each episode includes interviews with 3 or 4 Jews who have dear ones of other faiths or no faith.  

We tell stories based around themes.  Each episode has a theme. Sometimes it's a particular religious pairing (like Jewish and Catholic), sometimes it’s a particular relationship between Jews and people of other faiths (like grandchildren and grandparents), sometimes it’s a particular kind of Jewish person (like a rabbinical student), and sometimes it’s a particular circumstance where Jewish traditions and other faith traditions meet (like holidays that typically fall in December). 

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Community. We are better as a People when we are connected as a People. By increasing visibility around this ever-growing subsection of the Jewish population, this podcast invites its listeners into deeper conversation and connection with today's Jewish-Americans. 

Perspective. Many Jews have bought into the belief that when a Jew becomes partnered with somebody who is not Jewish, that Jew and any future offspring are lost to the Jewish community. By sharing stories of families in which Jewish members and members of other traditions continue to celebrate Judaism, this podcast offers a different perspective on that belief, showing that a person with loved ones who are not Jewish can be a Jew Too. 

Healing. Many Jews who come from families with members of other faiths have struggled in the Jewish community. Many have been told that they don't "count," that they are "half Jewish," that their children are not Jewish, and that they are to blame for Judaism's decreased population. By celebrating families, rather than subjecting them to stigma, this podcast creates space for healing.