Season 2 (2019-2020)

Episode 11: My Mother the Minister


“Jew Too” is back with this first episode of a new season, featuring two people raising Jewish children in world that’s only been possible for the last few decades.

Featuring: Reverend Barbara Becker, Isaac Luria, and Reverend Donna Schaper


Season 1 (2017-2018)

Episode 1: Grandparents

July 2017

In this premiere episode, get a little background on the current American Jewish landscape, intermarriage-wise, and hear the stories of three Jewish women who grew up with Jewish and Christian grandparents.

Featuring: Rabbi Marisa Elana James, Stephanie Selekman, and Rabbi Marley Weiner. 

Episode 2: Jewish and Catholic

August 2017

Hear from Jews who have Catholics in their families. Toni and Zack Wiener both grew up with a Catholic mother and a Jewish father, Eileen has a Catholic husband (who is Zack Fox's father), and David has a step-brother who converted to Catholicism after marrying a Catholic. 

Featuring: Rabbi David Eber, Eileen and Zach Fox, Tony Resnick, and Rabbi-to-be Zachary Weiner

Interested in more of Zack’s story? Here’s his interview “Rough Cut”


Episode 3: Patrilineal Descent

October 2017

Meet some Patrilineal Jews: dads who are Jewish, moms who are (or at the time of their child’s birth were) anything but.

Featuring: Stephanie Selekman, Rabbi Marley Weiner, and Rabbi-to-be May Ye

 Interested in more of May’s story? Here’s her interview “Rough Cut”


Episode 4: Intermarried Rabbinical Students

November 2017

Meet two students at the Reconstructionist Rabbinical College who are married to loving, supportive partners...who happen not to be Jews.

You can find more information about RRC's decision to admit and ordain students with partners who aren't Jewish here

Featuring: Rabbi Sandra Lawson and Rabbi-to-be Mickey Hess-Webber

Episode 7: Four Questions for Passover

April 2018

Meet 3 Jewish clergy (and clergy-to-be) who have stories to tell about Judaism, passover, and welcoming. 

Featuring: Rabbi Elyssa Cherney, Rabbi-to-be Margo Hughes-Robinson, and Cantor-to-be Lianna Mendelson

Interested in more of Margo’s story? Here’s her interview “Rough Cut”

Episode 9 3/4: A Cohen Family Case Study- Part 2

July 2018

Re-meet the Cohens: representatives of 3 generations of an American-Jewish (or Jewish-American) family. This episode offers space to discuss components of Jewish identity from vastly different perspectives. One shared perspective: we all love Harry Potter. 

Featuring (in order of appearance): Olivia Cohen, Isabel Cohen, Doris Fine, Mort Cohen

Episode 5: December Delights

December 2017

Hear stories from “Jew Too” listeners who celebrate multiple holidays in December, or who bring loved ones of other faiths into Hanukkah celebrations. Learn about the delights of this season.

Featuring (in order of appearance): Rabbi Marisa Elana James, Shoshana Lovett-Graff, Rachel Brustein, Rabbi Jake Best Adler, Rowyn Golde, Robert Silver, Ruth Bile, Chris Blevins, Cast and Crew of “Hamilton”

Episode 8: Warm, Welcoming, Reform

May 2018

Meet 3 Reform Jews who have had experiences of deep welcome within the Reform community for themselves and for their dear ones who are not Jewish. 

This episode comes as a response to the untimely death of Rabbi Aaron Panken, president of Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion. As the Reform movement grieves, this episode highlights the degree to which Reform Judaism has enabled interfaith families to partake fully in Jewish life.

Featuring: Ezra Buchdahl, Rabbi-to-be Chayva Lehrman, Rachel Loria

Episode 10: Intermarriage and HUC

August 2018

Meet Lex and Rabbi Jessica— a student and graduate of ALEPH who have experiences of being intermarried— and Rabbi Daniel, a Reform rabbi and child of an intermarried couple. The three of them share their experiences, and their take, on HUC's intermarriage policy.

Featuring: Rabbi Daniel Kirzane, Rabbi-to-be Lex Rofeberg, and Rabbi Jessica K. Shimberg

Interested in more of Lex’s story? Here’s his interview “Rough Cut”

Episode 6: Jews by Choice, Y’all

March 2018

Meet 3 Jews who were raised in homes where Judaism wasn't practiced and who entered into Judaism formally as adults. Their other shared trait? They're all from the South: Louisiana, Texas, and Georgia, to be exact. 

Featuring: Chris Blevins, Cantor-to-be Stefano Iacono, and Anne Gregory Teicher

Interested in more of Stefano’s and Chris’s stories? Here’s Stefano’s “Rough Cut” , and here’s Chris’s “Rough Cut.”

Episode 9: A Cohen Family Case Study- Part 1

June 2018

Meet the Cohens: representatives of 3 generations of an American-Jewish (or Jewish-American) family. This episode offers space for each Cohen to share about experiences of upbringing and Jewish connective points. This is a 2-part episode.

Featuring (in order of appearance): Fred Cohen, Judy Hobbs Cohen, Mort Cohen, Doris Fine, Isabel Cohen, Olivia Cohen