Who’s running the show?

Rabbi Emily Cohen graduated in June 2018 from the Reconstructionist Rabbinical College in Philadelphia and works with Lab/Shul in New York City. Her complicated geographic history includes, by last count, a dozen cities in 3 countries (but the SF Bay area is home). She's a proud alumna of Macalester College.

While in rabbinical school, Emily interned with the Woodstock Jewish CongregationBryn Mawr College, a wilderness camp for Jewish teens, HIAS Pennsylvania, and a number of Jewish education programs. She loves to sing, write, bake, knit, complete the NYT crossword (until Thursday when it gets too hard), and play with her darling cat, Pico. Oh, and she also co-created The Hamilton Haggadah with Rabbi Jake Best Adler. 


What’s this all about?

We tell stories about interfaith families that are rooted in 3 values:

Community: We are better as a People when we are connected as a People. By increasing visibility around this ever-growing subsection of the Jewish population, we invite listeners into deeper conversation and connection with today's Jewish-Americans.

Perspective. We don’t buy the idea that interfaith partnership leads to the dilution of Jewish identity. By sharing stories of families in which Jewish members and members of other traditions continue to celebrate Judaism, we offers a different perspective, showing that a person with loved ones who are not Jewish can be a Jew Too.

Healing. Many Jews have been told that they don't "count," that they are "half Jewish," that their children are not Jewish, and that they are to blame for Judaism's decreased population. By celebrating families, rather than subjecting them to stigma, we create space for healing.