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Hear the Whole Story

How do you get 3-4 hours of interviews into a half hour produced podcast? You cut a lot of material. Luckily, with “Rough Cuts,” you can get a big picture view: unedited interviews presented from start to finish.



Episode 1: Rabbi-to-be Zack Wiener: Zack’s Story is featured in Jewish and Catholic. In this episode, Zack shares more about his upbringing, his relationship to Jewish tradition, and the tools he uses to make sense fo the world.

Episode 2: Rabbi-to-be Greg Marcus: Greg is a new student at the Academy for Jewish Religion in Los Angeles and the innovator of “American Mussar.” In this conversation, Greg speaks about the 1000-year-old Jewish practice of mussar (ethics), his work with American Mussar, Hebrew and shame in the American-Jewish context, and his experience of raising two children with a partner who was not Jewish.

Episode 3: Rabbi-to-be May Ye: May’s story is featured in Patrilineal Descent. In this episode, May speaks in greater depth about her experiences of entering the Jewish world as a Jew of Color, her relationship to the state of Israel, and her vision for the Jewish future.

Episode 4: Chris Blevins: Chris’s story is featured in Jews by Choice, Y’all. In this episode, Chris shares about the difficulties and rewards of living in a Southern community largely populated by people who are not Jewish, and the supportive environment his mother --a Pentecostal minister-- offered him as a tween finding his way to Judaism.

Episode 5: Cantor-to-be Stefano Iacono: Stefano’s story is featured in Jews by Choice, Y’all. In this episode, Stefano discusses his journey to Judaism and his take on the role of Jews from mixed heritage in the Jewish future.

Episode 6: Rabbi-to-be Margo Hughes-Robinson: Margo’s story is featured in Four Questions for Passover. In this episode, Margo offers stories about living and eating Jewishly with her Southern and Catholic family, many a Passover seder, and why the Hillel sandwich always makes her smile.

Episode 7: Rabbi-to-be Lex Rofeberg: Lex’s story is featured in Intermarriage and HUC. In this episode, Lex, a co-host of Judaism Unbound, offers more of his stories of growing up Reform, his roundabout draw to the rabbinate, and his relationship with and views upon HUC-JIR's policy barring intermarried students from several programs.